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Roof Boots™

Roof Boots


  • Easy, on-site customization
  • Maximum resistance to ozone/ultraviolet weathering
  • Flexible base forms seal with most panels
  • EDPM or Silicone sleeve accommodates expansion/contraction
  • Lots of colour choices
  • 20-year warranty


Is there a roof flashing system that conforms to virtually any roof panel, weathers the elements and maintains its tight seal, gives you compounded, colour, and size choices, and comes with a 20-year warranty? You bet your boots!

Marco’s Roof Boots are made with clearly marked sleeves which can be cut on-site to easily customize and precisely fit the pipe diameter you need. The sleeves come in two different compounds – EPDM 500 and Silicone – designed specifically for the maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light.

The base on Roof Boots is flexible and designed to form a seal on all types of roofing surfaces (including metal, plastic, tile, and more), and on almost any panel configuration and roof pitch, regardless of the pipe location.

So installation is simple: choose the pipe opening and trim the sleeve, slide the boot over the pipe, form to the roof profile, apply sealant, and fasten to complete the installation.

In addition to the sleeve compound options, you can also choose from round or square base, from Marco’s full selection of wraparound retrofit boots, many sizes, and from black, grey or several other colours.

And with flashing that weathers the elements so completely and conforms to seal so tightly, it’s no wonder Roof Boots come with a 20-year warranty.

Choose Marco Roof Boots, and you’ll get a real kick out of how well your next roof project goes.